Spatchcock Chicken

Also known as butterfly chicken, spatchcock chicken is a whole chicken with the back bones and breast bone removed. This allows the chicken to lie flat and cook evenly in a variety of cooking environments. A quick study of the chicken’s skeletal system may aid in this practice.

You will need:

1 clean whole chicken
Kitchen Shears
Sharp paring knife or filet knife
Cutting Board

  1. Cut out the backbone of the chicken by cutting along both sides of the spine using a pair of sturdy kitchen shears. Apply pressure as you cut as you will be cutting through a portion of the pelvic bone but avoiding the thigh bones.
  2. Use paring knife to cut away any bone bits left from cutting the backbone out along the ribs.
  3. Flip the chicken over, skin side up, opening the backside of the chicken so it lays flat.
  4. Press down firmly on the chicken’s breastbone, cracking the wishbone.
  5. Using a paring knife, carefully cut along each side of the breast bone and cartilage, freeing it from the flesh, cutting around the collar bone. (do not cut through the skin)
  6. Rinse chicken and prepare according to chosen recipe.